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Giant Tiger Christmas Campaign 2021


This was an extension of our Christmas campaign for Giant Tiger. Some of the work done includes the production of video content and new artwork for Op Santa and Angel tree.

Client: Giant Tiger
Illustration | Video production | Social

Video production

Wrap it all up - Ship to store design and illustration

delivery 150x95.png
Pickup 150x95.png
Instore 150x95.png
Curtsied 150x95.png
Social 1080x1080_EN.gif
Social 1080x1080_FR.gif

Instore hanging signs

Our Christmas Op Santa campaign

Illustrations and design

Social 1080x1920 – 1.png
Social 1080x1920.png
Social 1080x1080.png
Social 1080x1080 – 1.png

Angel tree Christmas programme

log design Illustrations and design

ANGEL TREE_2020_cashpole_EN_FINAL-02.png
ANGEL TREE_2020_cashpole_FR_FINAL-02.png
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